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Our Terms & Conditions
Each of our events are for the enjoyment of all, therefore we will be making sure that everyone attending one of our shows can have fun & feel relaxed in a safe, non-discriminatory & non-threatening environment. 
Our Staff & Security Team will be checking costumes and weapons on the way into the venue to make certain there are no dangerous or offensive weapons or props on your person.
If a member of our team considers you in breach of the above, then Creed Conventions reserves the right to deny entrance into the venue until the problem is rectified & deemed acceptable by our staff.
If you are unable to cohere to our policies then you will be asked to leave the venue without a refund.
Costumes must be of a size that covers the person's private body parts, no nudity is permitted. 
** Not allowed **
Any props or weapons that have sharp edges; i.e. Swords, Axes, Blades.
Functioning Bows and Crossbows.
No Explosives or Pyrotechnics.
Any type of realistic fire arms or real fire arms.
Slingshots, Loose Whips or lassos.
No pointy sharp dangerous anything!
Anything that might get you arrested!
Bad or threatening behaviour towards anyone.
Indecent behaviour; i.e. Touching other cosplayers is inappropriate without their permission.
Inappropriate comments towards our staff or any other attendees.
Violent behaviour towards our staff or any other attendees.
Alcohol & Drugs
Being drunk 
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