With this week's announcements from the government regarding the recommendations of avoiding non-essential travel as well as public places such as bars, restaurants, etc. along with school closures starting Friday afternoon, we have made the very difficult decision to postpone Bath Comic-Con...not cancel, just postpone.
Obviously we want everyone that attends our events to enjoy themselves, laugh, smile and meet like minded people (we are all geeks at heart one way or another!), but most importantly to feel safe and secure when they come through the doors into a world we have created for them. We feel that with the current situation with the coronavirus that we cannot guarantee that last part for our guests, traders, you the public and ourselves so it is with a very heavy heart that we must join the ever growing list of postponed events. The good news is we have already spoken to the venue and arranged a new date which will now be Saturday 12th September! We have chosen this date as it is 6 months away and hopefully by then measures will be in place to deal with this awful pandemic. Also the weather should be a lot kinder at that time of year so hopefully we can book in some more props and perhaps another vehicle to go outside to take advantage.
Our guests, prop suppliers and traders will be contacted shortly and we are hopeful, based on initial conversations, that most, if not all, will still be able to join us in September. AND with regards to our guests, perhaps one or two more who we asked to attend but actually were not free on the 29th!
With regards to tickets, all Early Bird ticket sales will be automatically transferred to Saturday the 12th of September so if you have already purchased your tickets then you do not need to do anything. If you are unable to attend on that date then please email us at creedconventions@yahoo.com to discuss further.
So thank you in advance for supporting us as always, look after yourselves along with those nearest and dearest and please be safe by listening and adhering to advice given out by medical experts and the government in these worrying times. See you in September!
Kind Regards,
The Creed Conventions Management Team

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