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As you can see from the photo we have just received word that The Joker has decided to don his best Santa hat and wreck havoc in Bath cunningly disguised as jolly old Saint Nick - good isn't it? The Bat Signal has already gone up but the people of Bath need your help to battle this yuletide menace by overwhelming him with sheer numbers. So to entice you to BCC in March we are offering a Free Giveaway with any tickets purchased between now and midnight Christmas Eve. For each ticket sold you will have your choice of a signed 8 x 10 (approx) photo of the following celebrities:

Anne Lockhart - Battlestar Galactica & Buck Rogers
Louise Jameson - Doctor Who companion
Toby Sebastian - Game of Thrones
Greg Austin - Dr Who Class spinoff
Fady Elsayed - Dr Who Class spinoff

These are limited in number so will be given on a first come, first serve basis on the day of the event when you check in. We will have a record of everyone that purchases during this promotion period so simply give your name at the entry desk to receive your photo.
* One photo per ticket so Family & Carer's Tickets would be entitled to just one.




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